Get Started on your Virtual Weight LossVisit

1. Intake form:

2. McLaughlin Health Risk Assessment:


3. Remote Screen: Connect directly with Begin Wellness and Dr. McLaughlin using the free RemoteScreen app!

Download from the App Store:

or the Google Play store:

Once you have downloaded the app connect to Begin Wellness using the code below:



4. Once you have completed all 3 of these things above make your appointment here for a "Telehealth Weight Loss Strategy Session" or call the office at 847-234-2346 and she will set you up with a "virtual" appointment and collect your payment.


We will send you a link from Zoom for the appointment and you may use your phone or desktop computer but the computer will make it easier for you to see me as well as my screen as we review your information.

If you have any questions please call the office at 847-234-2346