Let’s Get Healthy

  1. Schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. McLaughlin by calling 847-234-246 or making your appointment online - Click Here

  2. Complete the intake paperwork we send you, prior to your first appointment

  3. Meet one to one with Dr. McLaughlin in person or on a virtual zoom call.

  4. Choose the program that is right for you

  5. Take your initial “before” picture (wear tight-fit clothes) at the office or email us one from home.

  6. Have initial biomarkers, weight, and measurements recorded

  7. Have your initial session with Dr. McLaughlin to set your weight loss goal and to get an agreement between your head and heart for program success

  8. Watch Quick Start Guide Video

  9. Pick your start day

  10. Create a plan for successful weight and inches reduction.

  11. Show up for your scheduled weekly check-in appointments (in office or virtual)

  12. Have fun and enjoy your healing process as you shed pounds and inches of unwanted fat

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Initial Consultation

20 Minute Intro Appointment

We will discuss your health and weight loss goals. Dr. McLaughlin assesses your health to make sure you are a good fit for the program and will review the details with you.




Weekly Check-In

15 Minute Appointment

You will meet with Dr. McLaughlin either in the office or virtually and review the weeks progress on the program, (food log, weight and measurements) discuss any questions or concerns and celebrate your wins!


Part of Program

People During Workshop

Workshop Series

Monthly @ Gorton Center - Lake Forest, IL

Dr. McLaughlin presents free virtual health master class on different health topics!  Get notified when we host the next one!